In this course I am going to walk you step by step through how to create realistic 3d models every time, no more hoping for a good result. You can follow along with your own assets or use the example in the class.



This course is perfect for anyone that wants to learn the quickest way to make high end models. Whether you're an Interior Designer, Architect, 3D Generalist, 3D Visualisation Artist, 3D Artist, 3Ds Max User, or just want to be able to make world class 3D models- this course will help you make better 3D assets.


Then the second part will be for rendering skills


We have all seen the stunning exterior, and interior renderings online and wondered how we can get our renderings to that level. Well, this course is the missing link for taking your renderings from basic to brilliant.

There are several tools, tips, and techniques that you may not know that can really increase the appeal of your renderings. In fact, this course will introduce students to several of those things. Once students have a basic understanding of these methods, they can fully unlock their creativity and focus on the artistry of their renderings.

If your architectural rendering projects are ready for that next leap in realism and drama, this is the course for you. Perhaps you already have a good knowledge of arch viz in 3ds Max + Vray, or maybe you have even taken one of my earlier courses, but know you are ready to take on more advanced techniques, tools and workflows?

Students will go through:

·         Mastered the 3D Modelling Workflow

·         Have the knowledge to create realistic models every time.

·         Know the secrets the professionals use to stand out from the crowd.

  • Architecture Modelling Considerations
  • Advanced Lighting Workflows
  • Advanced Material Creation
  • Advanced Camera Settings and Composition - Blur, Atmospherics, Etc.
  • Advanced V-Ray Render Settings (V-Ray Next and below)



It's great to have you here. I LOVE 3D MODELLING ESPECIALLY IN 3DS MAX!