Architecture designing is not only about drawing building plans on drafting tables. With modern techniques, the plans can be rendered by a computer and even be checked for their structure and design flaws before the architect leaves the elements on the drawing board. It is an efficient and much more convenient way to double-check before implementing your design into reality or even virtual reality. To do so, we will need at least one rendering software in hand. In this course, we will be more familiar with the advanced modeling skills with 3D software together. Mainly we will focus on 3Ds max Autodesk, and also its plugins such as TyFlow, (FumeFX), and Phoenix FD.

The course is divided into two parts, the first part will be for modeling, and the second part will be for visualizations. Before the midterm, we will practice modeling skills and tips. Thus, students will submit a project based on what they have learned in the course. After the midterm, each of the students will work individually on his own project, and for sure we will make your design come true together.