The aim of this semester is to combine all the knowledge accumulated in the Studio during the previous two years in order to create something completely unique and innovative. During the first semester we will focus on the research, design, manufacturing and testing of full-scale (1:1) prototypes. The main topics of the Studio will be: computational design, composite materials and robotic manufacturing.

A composite material, also called just composite, is a material made from two or more constituent materials. These constituent materials have markedly different chemical or physical properties and are fused together creating a material with properties different from the individual constituent components. Within the finished structure, the individual elements remain separate and distinct, which distinguishes composite materials from mixtures and solid solutions. Our constituent materials will be wood and plastic; and the robotic manufacturing methods: milling and large-scale additive manufacturing.



The Studio will be complemented by the Elective “Computational Design” , where we will learn how to use Grasshopper for Rhino and related tools that can benefit us in the algorithmic design of our ideas. 

The course will involve a maximum of 12 students who will be divided into three groups of four students. Each group will develop its own proposal until the midterm presentation. After that, we will develop a plan for the robotic manufacturing and assembly of all those proposals that are feasible, depending on the complexity and boundary conditions of the robot. Although, the final number of prototypes to be fabricated will be decided during the course, the initial goal is to build at least one per group.



  • Enrollment in the Elective “Computational Design" (which will also take place during the winter semester) is mandatory.
  • Bring your own laptop with the latest version of Rhino 7 installed. 
  • No prior knowledge of Grasshopper is required but highly recommended.
  • Be in Dessau. This Studio combined with the Elective are practical subjects, so it is crucial that students are available to be on campus from day one.
  • Each group will be responsible for the costs of printing and mounting the A1 panels to be presented at midterm and the finals. They will also have to provide the printing material for the production of models during the semester. The material and tools involved in the 1:1 prototype construction will be supplied by the university.