As a painter and stage artist, Oskar Schlemmer dealt intensively with the interconnectedness of human body and architecture, between figure and space. Just as he negotiated transitions between humans and architecture in his paintings of abstract spaces and almost equally abs- tractly designed bodies, Schlemmer and the students of the Bauhaus stage workshop designed a variety of different marionettes and puppets. Especially in large-scale figures, such as "The two Pathetics" - who are a kind of „Great Ones“, who represent strong emotions or meaningful thoughts - designed by Schlemmer in 1925, the human form is transformed into a kind of archi- tectural organism, or rather into walking architecture.

The Elective course "The Great Ones" explores the historical Bauhaus stage puppets as metamorphosis models of the human being and asks to what extent this could be further developed in the perspective of newly discovered kinship relations with other more-than-human living beings. For this purpose, new Bauhaus puppets will be built for a figural stage play to be jointly designed, which can be presented at the end of the semester in Dessau but also elsewhere (e.g. in Leipzig and Magdeburg).

Torsten Blume, Mikhail Lylov, Matthias Lipeck