Elective Module WS 21:  Design and Society 1

Ivan Kucina




This course is a workshop platform for practicing system thinking and design that is concerned with the use of games and playspaces for educating kids in sustainable architecture and urbanism. It looks for a way to include kids’ enormous potentials in social debates about sustainable development with the firm belief that this will lead to a better living environment.

Learning by Playing

Ratitetura is using gaming principles to increase kids’ engagement with society. Instead of being taught, kids are encouraged to learn from playing games.  Playing games works as a rule-based learning system in which kids actively participate and use strategic thinking to make choices, solve complex problems, seek content knowledge, receive constant feedback, and consider the point of view of others.

Design Method

You will learn how to apply User-Centered Analysis method to design a game and a playspace with accessories for playing that will learn kids about sustainable architecture and urbanism. It is a designing method that sets up a user profile before making an object.  Understanding particular motifs, symbolic meanings, and unmet needs of a kid or a group of kids will help you to develop a game and a playspace for playing it.


You will work in teams of two or three. Each team will design a game with its user manual and a prototype of a playspace. You will present your project on one A1 page of drawings and as a physical model.