This Elective complements the Studio "Computational Composite Prototype" . 

After an introduction to the notion of "Computational Design", we will focus on Grasshopper, Rhino's built-in graphical algorithm editor. If necessary, we will start from scratch and we will cover all the basic functions from a programming and data management point of view. We will learn how to incorporate it into our design process from the earliest stages. Later, we will extend our knowledge with an introduction to some of Grasshopper's most popular and valuable plugins. In addition, Grasshopper will not only be our main design tool, but we will also use it to create analyses and simulations that may help us to optimise our projects through evolutionary computation algorithms.

The Elective is where we will acquire all the necessary tools for our work in the Studio.



The course will consist of different lectures accompanied by practical exercises to consolidate the different topics.



  • Enrollment in the Studio “ Computational Composite Prototype" (which will also take place during the winter semester) is mandatory.
  • Bring your own laptop with the latest version of Rhino 7 installed.
  • No prior knowledge of Grasshopper is required but highly recommended.
  • Be in Dessau. This Elective combined with the Studio are practical subjects, so it is crucial that students are available to be on campus from day one.
  • There are no expenses involved in this course for the participants.