New Bauhaus Project Studio Saxony-Anhalt:
Virtual Reality PlatformRadar

Content of the New Bauhaus Project Studio Saxony-Anhalt is the development of a Virtual Reality Platform Radar (VRPR), which will open up a new way of participation on a vision of the future.

Thematically, the New Bauhaus Project Studio Saxony-Anhalt of Anhalt University in Dessau is anchored in the city of Zeitz, South Saxony-Anhalt.
The closure of surrounding lignite industry will bring about a structural change that will mean radical changes for people and will have a significant impact on social contexts and the image of cities and landscapes.
In Zeitzthis has been visible in large wastelands since the reunification and the disappearance of the key industries, which were a long tradition of the city's economic strength. The consequence and trigger is a shrinking process that is currently unfavorably shaping the social pyramid.

The New Bauhaus project is intended to help point out perspectives and possibilities for new social value chains and therein theattractiveness of the cities for entrepreneurs and newcomers who recognize new sustainable life perspectives for work, life, culture and education in a progressively developing urban landscape.

As a participation tool, the Virtual Reality Platform Radar thus addresses essential criteria of the European Union's tender forthe “New European Bauhaus”.
Under the claim of participation, the radar holistically identifies spheres of the social, economic, culture and nature and networked them in the sense of a “spiral” by actors and cooperation partners. As a result, a unique instrument of a lasting effect is created, as supplemented by continuously developing and reacting criteria, supplemented “reality” -an instrument that places reality and virtual reality in an interactive dialogue in a new way. The dimension of “time” turns the project into a cultural project. The documentation on the one hand and the self-reflective processes of the participants on the other lead to a collective discourse of knowledge and again feed the further development of the radar. In this way, the image of the “spiral” can become a lived New Bauhaus Project.

Even if the New Bauhaus Studio deals thematically with Zeitzand South Saxony-Anhalt, it is also the methodical development of an instrument to make planning and development processes clear. Essentially, however, it is also about interactive participationand easy access to the subject-specific discourse for those interested.

The New Bauhaus Project-Studio Saxony-Anhalt is made up of students from the master's courses of Architecture and Design, DIA and MAID. For a quick start into the project and of course to get to know each other, a “workshop week” is planned on site in Zeitz. Contents will be familiarization with the urban topography and the exchange with the cooperation partners.

First semester: “Platform Radar” -a first important step will be the compilation of the action areas and their spatial networking. This “platform” will not be a determination, but the starting point for inquiries in the sense of a “radar” that can identify seismographicallypotentials of the transformation, but also takes up already existing activities. Only with the help of the cooperation partners in Zeitzand intensive field research can the “Platform” and the “Radar” succeed and work effectively.

Second semester: Based on the findings of the work with the Virtual Reality Platform Radar, urban planning concepts are to be developed for Zeitz, which in turn are checked with the tool that has been set up and discussed with the cooperation partners.