The live-workshops will be offered every Wednesday, twice a day (same workshop, choose the slot that suits you best).

Every Monday we will offer a recap & discussion session in which we can discuss the week’s topic and open questions. 

Mastering Soft Skills - Your Way to Success 
Including: Key Competencies, Time Management, Presentation Skills    
01.04.2020/ 10:00-11:30
               01.04.2020/ 16:00-17:30

 The Application- Successfully Market Yourself 
Including: Application Strategies and Channels, Application Documents
08.04.2020/ 10:00-11:30
08.04.2020/ 16:00-17:30

 The Job Interview- Realizing Your Application
Including: Interview Preparation, Common Questions, Salary Negotiation
               15.04.2020/ 10:00-11:30
               15.04.2020/ 16:00-17:30

 Visa Regulations for your Future in Germany
Including: Visa Options after Graduation & Requirements
22.04.2020/ 10:00-11:30

 Working in Germany- What’s to Know?
Including: Employment Law Aspects, The Social Security System, German Working Culture