About: Todays challenges of social housing are quite comparable to the circumstances under which the iconic housing-estates of Bauhaus in Dessau, were realized. Also today, we urgently need to re-consider the constantly increasing consumption of floor space per capita, especially since energy- prices are lately skyrocketing.

TASK: in this studio we will – leave the comfort zone and develop buildings that consist of only 50 % thermally conditioned space. Instead of a conventional building, kept at 22 degree Celsius throughout the year- spring summer autumn and winter- we  condition only its core, which is wrapped by an thermally unconditioned space. We will take advantage of layering the building envelope, creating a zone that is buffering big amplitudes of outside temperatures. Especially during spring and autumn this buffer zone can be fully used as an extension of the core space.

The task is to design housing typologies that are 50% uncomfortable and 50% comfortable!

CONTEXT:  our site -the  street-scape of Stenesche Straße is located in the South- East of   Dessau,  an area characterized by a large variety of heterogeneous urban textures. For the area around our site the city of Dessau recently has worked out a neighborhood development plan (Quartier am Leipziger Tor), Within this area under development, Stenesche Straße– can be identified as  a diagonal intersection, crossing  and connecting diverse types of cityscapes

PROCEDURE: Along the street scape there is a big variety of very distinct situations that allow for architectural intervention. In the beginning we will will develope an urban strategy  as collective framework for your  individual designs. Based on that you will soon start designing your  un-confortable house- a  multi-unit housing- projects  with 50% of  non-residential program.

together we will build a piece of future neighborhood!


PLEASE NOTE:  studio will take place every Tuesday, at room 8-155, starting at 2:30 p.m.

Some extra sessions on Wednesdays will be dedicated to site visit(s), talks, excursions and presentations   / on site !