The new urban paradigma - a new meaning to an icon

More than 100 years from the beginning of the exponential explosion of urbanity, cities continue to grow

and expand. Driven by the financialization of housing, migrations and policies to attract investments cities

compete in a global market where urbanity is the currency.

Simultaneously, ideas of urbanity and modernity as a whole, are in permanent questioning and new models

of cities are arising. The pandemic has exacerbated the problems that many cities were already facing. In

this panorama the studio aims to tackle the problem of urbanity through its most iconic expression: the


What is urbanity today and therefore; what is a skyscraper?

The skyscraper, the pyramid of our century, the machine of the Metropolis, the ultimate representation of

Bigness. The skyscraper offers the opportunity to deal with two scales; that of the monument/icon and that

of the individual unit. What is a non-icon? In what way is verticality still relevant?

The research and analysis of these issues will guide us through this course to tackle the contemporary

meaning of the tower as a social happening in its proper social and historical context. Finally we will work

on the yearly Skyscraper competition by eVolo to produce a high-rise project with a free site and program

that will help us answer these questions.

We will (1) question ideas of urban growth in the contemporary condition, (2) look at historical references

of high rise to study the opportunities of working in relationship to the sky, (3) based on this we will chose

a site to appropriately deal with these issues, (4 )we will research how a skyscraper can be grounded in its

local context and establish urban interrrelations.

Link to the competition: