Perceptions about the idea of home vary but a single image is fixed in most people’s minds, the single

family house. This image is very much present in the landscape of provincial Europe. Catalogued ordered

houses reproduce in endless suburban sprawl end up producing small suburban realities around them.

As mundane as the typological slope roofed suburban house may seem, it is embedded in all the cultural

and social complexities of our time. It is profoundly linked to the housing crisis experienced in most

European cities and it reproduces an ideal. Actually its interest lies in its mundanity as it is a big part of

the everyday landscape.

Can this typology be re-imagined? What is behind the desire of the ideal home? What is a home?

In this course we will engage with the concept of domesticity by going through our memories, to self reflect

on the idea of the home. Through our personal experiences of the home we will collectively reflect on what

the home can be or become. We will envision together the home of the future by breaking into pieces the

meaning of the space that is both the most personal and the most collectively determined.