WS21_studio Johannisthal Berlin

Landscape Urbanism / Housing LRHD/ 15-Min City / Organic Design



Berlin Johannisthal was the first airfield worldwide to witness the flight of a full-metal-aircraft´s takeoff in 1912. The airplane was in fact a construction of Prof. Junkers and his colleague Prof. Reiser and since it performed in funny jumps it was laughed out of court as the “Reiser Duck”. However Hugo Junkers therewith started his triumph as aeronautical engineer and established his aircraft factory in Dessau, which later in 1925 attracted Walter Gropius to move the Bauhaus from Weimar to Dessau. The formation of modern architecture´s magic triangle in Dessau, Magdeburg and Berlin continued.


Today Berlin´s first airport Johannisthal (1909) is situated in one of the most promising areas of the city. The airfield is to some extent protected natural landscape. Another part has been transformed into Adlershof Science & Technology Park, one of Berlin´s knowledge hubs.

The northern part however is considered a “lost place”, where the old and derelict airport- buildings are dozing in urban wilderness.


The studio project will investigate historical and present-day conditions of Johannisthal Airport, identifying potentials of preservation and development with regard to building stock and existing natural resources.

The Senate of Berlin has recently decided to develop the area for housing purposes.

We want to find out how to optimize urban development in Johannisthal in view of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

In particular we want to combine Landscape Urbanism with Housing Projects (LRHD) considering the qualities of the 15-Min-City. Reflecting and organizing the interaction between the natural and the human, Organic Design may provide a perspective for projects in Architecture & Urbanism.